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Oblivion and Obsidian

Ground floor venue with accessible toilets.
Past event - 2022
10 May Doors: 7pm
Event 7:30-9:30pm
Durham Amateur Rowing Club 2, Green Lane,
Durham DH1 3JU
Sold Out!
Join us for a night of volcanoes and earthquakes - two reminders that nature sometimes enjoys causing chaos, and makes materials that take on mythical status.

Please note new venue: Durham Amateur Rowing Club

A journey through a tectonic plate boundary: how can water influence earthquake rupture?

Dr. Catriona Menzies (Assistant Professor (Earth Sciences))
Where Earth’s moving tectonic plates meet, the resulting deformation often leads to devastating earthquakes. The strength of the crust and how it deforms controls the size and location of earthquakes. Geologists study rocks from these areas to measure their physical properties, and often measured rock strength does not correlate to the size of earthquake that has occurred. This discrepancy is often related to the presence of water – in this talk I will outline how and why water influences earthquake rupture as well as showing you how geologists study water that was deep within the Earth.

Darker Matter: The science and art of obsidian

Dr. Fabian Wadsworth (Associate Professor (Earth Sciences))
Obsidian is a mysterious substance. In Minecraft, it's key to accessing the Nether; in Game of Thrones, it's needed to kill Night Walkers. In our real world obsidian appears featureless and dark, and has been used for occult objects and jewellery, or as the basis of a range of compelling glass art and sculpture. But how is it formed in nature? What does it tell us about the mechanics of the Earth? I’ll show you the surprising way we think obsidian is forged in volcanoes, and the ways in which we are working with glass artists and glassblowers to unravel the science and the art of obsidian.

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09 May
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