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Of Mice and Men

Past event - 2016
EVENT 7:30-10PM
The Green, 29 Clerkenwell Green, Clerkenwell ,
London EC1R 0DU
Sold Out!
Animal models are often used to model human diseases. However, scientists have found ways to reduce the usage of animals to study human conditions. Come join us to find out how cannabis could potentially be the answer to treating MS and how amoeba have been used to understand the nature of epileptic seizures. During the event, there will be Pint of Science & Elsevier goodies to be won!


Using an amoeba for a brain

Epilepsy causes devastating effects on the health and quality of children’s lives if they do not respond to treatment. Research to help these children is often based upon animal experimentation. Our research uses an innovative approach not solely based upon animals. In simple terms, this lecture will introduce the amoeba and outline how it has improved our understanding of what happens during an epileptic seizure and how this had led to potentially better treatment for children with intractable epilepsy.

Getting Rid of Brain-Induced Stiffies

The brain is an amazing organ, but when it goes wrong, people suffer and develop a load of troublesome symptoms. Come see MouseDoctor’s Science Journey, to see how he and his chums have come to the rescue, to uncover brain biology and new treatments for neurological conditions. Learn the mechanisms by which cannabis hijacks neurobiology to do what it does and see how we can hijack it back to make new medicines without the high. Avoid brewers droop, by drinking a Pint of Science with me and learn new ways to control those unwanted stiffies.