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One of us

Event will occur on the ground floor, with ramp access
Past event - 2018
16 May Doors 19:00
Event 19:30-21:30
The Old Laundrette, Old Cinema Laundrette, 38 Marshall Terrace,
Durham DH1 2HX
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What makes us who we are and what we do? Come and join us as we delve inside the minds of psychopaths, before finding out about how our behaviour can be unconsciously determined by our own memories. Everyone here is one of us!

Can Children be Psychopaths?

Dr Luna Centifanti (Senior Lecturer in Psychological Sciences (liverpool university))
Many parents are concerned that their child may be headed toward a life devoid of empathy for others. I’ve been interested in finding out about the emotional world of people with psychopathy, and how that emotional world might develop from early childhood. In this talk, I will present anecdotes, research findings, and personal experiences. I hope to paint a picture for you about how psychopaths feel and how they fail to “read” other people’s feelings. Of importance, I argue that early childhood is an opportune time for change.

The Impact of Memory on Behaviour

Dr David Sanderson (Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology)
Often, our actions depend on explicit recall of information stored in memory. Our memories, however, also have a subtler, unconscious effect on behaviour, changing the way we respond to and feel about events that we encounter. These effects of memory can be studied in non-verbal animals, as well as humans. I will discuss current work in animals that begins to reveal the psychological and neurobiological basis of the effect of memory on spontaneous behaviour.