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Our Changing Planet

Please note this event takes place on the first floor, sorry there is no step-free access.
Past event - 2022
09 May Doors 7pm
Event 7:30pm to 9:30pm
The Angelic, 57 Liverpool Rd,
London N1 0RJ
Epic forces are at work every day, shaping life on Earth. Each volcanic eruption reveals the sheer explosive power that has created so much of our planet’s surface, allowing life to thrive. However, that diversity is now threatened through recent environmental change, a major architect of the planet’s future biodiversity. Predicting the impacts of both volcanic activity and biodiversity change on our communities and the world around us is critically important – yet our constantly shifting planet will have some surprises instore!

Volcanoes’ Hidden Secrets

Dr Chiara Petrone (Research Leader - Petrology at the NHM)
Volcanic eruptions show nature’s incredible power but put local communities at risk. About 800 million people live within 100 km of volcanoes erupting or with potential to do so. We monitor volcanoes to mitigate hazards but estimates of the probability and impact of eruptions are uncertain. Understanding magma transport and storage, and their links to surface observations is key to predict eruptions and save lives. Erupted rocks are an archive that can be considered a probe into a volcano. Their messages help us understand a volcano’s internal processes, as psychologists exploring the mind.

Understanding Biodiversity Change in an Age of Extinction

Dr Tim Newbold (Principal Research Fellow, University College London)
We may be entering a mass extinction, with around 1 million species thought to be at risk this century. Habitat loss and climate change are creating a perfect storm for biodiversity. Understanding biodiversity changes is one of the most pressing scientific questions of our time. But it’s not all bad news. Some species are thriving under the human domination of the planet. And there are changes that we can make as nations and individuals that can help. I will talk about our recent work seeking to understand how and why biodiversity is changing, and what we can do to make the situation better.

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