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Our history of tomorrow: superhumans or a dead end?

Please note this event is on the first floor. Over 18s only.
Past event - 2018
15 May Doors 7pm
Event 7.30-9.30pm
Three Wise Monkeys (Middle Floor), 60 High Street ,
Colchester CO1 1DN
Sold Out!
Humans are living longer than ever, many years after having children. How has a changing life expectancy influenced our ability to evolve and can new technologies produce superhumans in the future? Longer human life expectancy also means a greater incidence of cancer. Can we develop effective therapies to overcome this barrier?

Cancer – A Slippery Fish….

Greg Brooke (Lecturer)
The cells in our body have multiple mechanisms to protect us from developing cancer, but unfortunately these levels of protection can fail. In this talk, Greg will summarise how cancer develops and provide examples of how tumours evolve to become therapy resistant. He will also discuss the research at the University of Essex, which aims to develop novel personalised treatment options for cancer.

Are we still evolving?

Jordi Paps (Lecturer)
Evolution has produced the current and past diversity of Life forms on the planet, including humans. The advent of medicine and technology has changed how humans confront the challenges of the natural world, and the recent developments of genomics and genome editing have pushed further our control over nature and our own biology. Are these technologies nullifying the effect of evolution, or are we still evolving? We will try to answer this question and many others during this talk.
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