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Out Of This World

Please note this event occurs on the first floor and has no step free access access. Over 18s only.
Past event - 2019
21 May Doors 7pm
Event 7.30-9.30pm
Angel Microbrewery, 7 Stoney Street,
Nottingham NG1 1LG
Sold Out!
From dark matter to supermassive black holes and colliding galaxies to dark energy, our universe is a fascinating and mysterious place. Come and learn about some of the amazing structures observed in our universe and the incredible story of its construction and evolution. The evening really does promise to be “Out of This World”!

Tens of Thousands of Galaxies at a Glance

Dr. Meghan Gray (Associate Professor of Astronomy)
I'm an observational astronomer who uses telescopes on the ground and in space to try to understand the largest structures in the Universe. In this talk I’ll tell the story of how some chance weather on a mountaintop in Chile led to the work that would take up the next 15 years of my career. I’ll introduce the audience to my favourite patch of sky and discuss how my team and I peeled back the structures within, layer by layer, to reveal a rich zoo of colliding galaxies, hidden star formation, dark matter, supermassive black holes — and a few surprises as well.

Understanding the Origins of Our Universe

Dr. Anastasios Avgoustidis (Assistant Professor)
Our universe is a fascinating place, in which mysterious entities like dark matter and dark energy seem to be playing a fundamental role. Over the past couple of decades we have witnessed spectacular progress in understanding its composition and evolution, driven by both theoretical and technological advances. This talk will describe the incredible story of our universe, explaining the key underlying ideas and the basic tools used in its reconstruction.

The Science of Spaceflight: What have we learnt from crewed space missions?

Dr. Amelia Fraser-McKelvie (Research Fellow)
From the moment Yuri Gagarin blasted into space in 1961, crewed spaceflight has captured the imagination of the world. Along with the massive technological advances required to make human spaceflight possible, crewed space missions have conducted a plethora of science experiments to advance the knowledge of mankind. Fields as diverse as biology, geophysics, medicine, and astronomy have benefited from experiments in microgravity. I will summarise some of the most interesting science experiments that have taken place from the early days of the space race, through to cutting-edge research today.
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