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People & Nature: Everything Everywhere All at Once

This event takes place on the first floor, sorry there is no step-free access. Snacks and fantastic pizzas can be ordered at the venue.
Past event - 2023
24 May Doors 6:30pm
Event 7.00pm to 9pm
The Devereux, 20 Devereux Court, Temple,
London WC2R 3JJ
Sold Out!
Our fraught, happy, confused relationship with the natural world can feel much like the fracturing and increasingly complex mind of Evelyn Wang in the recent Hollywood blockbuster, Everything Everywhere All at Once! From moments of elation and hope to the eerie possibility of complete and utter failure, human’s relationship with all things wild is complicated. So how can we navigate this complexity and channel our inner David Attenborough so that people and nature can both flourish? Find out from our panel of four outstanding scientists at King’s College London!

Panellist: Anna Smith

Anna Smith (PhD student, Department of Geography)
Anna is a more-than-human geographer researching cultural constructions of nature, ecological emotions and African Wild Dogs. This means getting excited about seemingly ordinary things from retro zoo brochures, to scientists' twitter spats and museum gift shops.

Panellist: Zosia Ladds

Zosia Ladds (PhD student, Department of Geography)
Zosia is an ecologist busy studying cemeteries as part of the urban green space network. Her research focuses on biodiversity, specifically looking at urban-adapted mammals and their habitats and aims to understand how to best manage these spaces for both nature and humans.

Panellist: Laura Kor

Laura Kor (PhD student, Department of Geography)
Laura is a conservation ecologist passionate about working with nature and people for biodiversity conservation and sustainable development. Her PhD focuses on useful plants in Colombia – species with known human uses, from food and medicine to spiritual values. She loves applying this ethnobotanical focus to plants around us here in London.

Panellist: Kapil Yadav

Kapil Yadav (PhD student, Department of Geography)
Kapil spends time looking at why forest fires are seen as a disaster and something to be avoided in India's forest policy, questioning why there is a lack of recognition given to cultural burning practices by local communities.
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