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People on the move: understanding migration

Past event - 2016
25 May DOORS OPEN 7.00PM
EVENT 7:30-10.30PM
The Brewhouse & Kitchen, 47 Highfield Ln,
Southampton SO17 1QD
Sold Out!
Do you know the Who, Why, How, Where and When of migrating people? No? Then come along and find out! We will explore why people are attracted to leave their countries and if happiness can be achieved in the long run.

Pub quizzes, hands-on activities & pint-sized experiments.

Pint of Science quiz prizes. 

Kindly sponsored by: the Faculty of Social, Human and Mathematical Science of the University of Southampton.  

Predicting migration

In this talk, we will explore the fascinating and controversial world of international migration. We will focus on the uncertainty with regard to: who are migrants; why, how, where, when, and how many people migrate; and how many more are expected to do so. We will see to what extent policies can influence migration, and look at the possible responses to the current refugee crisis. Specifically in the context of the European referendum, we will concentrate on the UK and EU migration.

Welfare magnets & happiness

Migration is a multifaceted phenomenon. There is a harsh debate in developed countries on whether migrants take the jobs of the native population or exploit the welfare state. At a broader level, migration produces consequences that go beyond the economic sphere. In his talk Corrado will speak about how economists study this important issue and what is the empirical evidence so far. In particular he will outline his latest research which investigates whether and how migration can influence the happiness of individuals.
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