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Phonetic language, AI humour and the genetics of food

Ground floor access with accessible toilet available.
Past event - 2023
23 May Doors 6pm
Event 7pm to 10pm
The Foundry, 77 Stour Street, Canterbury,
Kent CT1 2NR
Sold Out!
Join us for fun evening on the theme of ‘Our Society’. Find out how phonetics can help you learn a foreign language. Next, let’s see if Artificial Intelligence is funnier than your favourite comedian. Lastly, see how the booze you drink is helping scientists work out how to fight diseases.


Using phonetics to help language learning

Gabrielle Emson (PhD Researcher - School of Cultures & Languages)
Do you fancy learning a second language? It might be easier than you think. Top phonetics research will teach you how learning some very simple sound exercises will make your life much simpler before you embark on learning a second language. We hope we will inform how the UK teaches languages, and develop recommendations on how to improve the study of second languages.

Next generation food crops

Helen Cockerton (Industrial Research Fellow)
What does a UK hop breeder and a plant geneticist have in common? No, that’s not the start of one of our AI’s jokes, but the intro to a fascinating Pint of Science session. You will learn how the beer that you drink is helping scientists find out how disease resistant genes work in crops. And you'll also get to see how to carry out a DNA extraction using everyday items from your kitchen cupboard…from a strawberry!

Artificial intelligence and comedy

Tommy Pargeter-Grey (Assistant Lecturer - School of Computing)
Imagine a world without that one comedian you love to hate. Move over Jimmy Carr, ‘cos there is a new comedian in town - for one night only! We have all read about how artificial intelligence (AI) is taking over the world. But how good is AI at telling a joke? Come along and help push AI limits to the extreme in this tantalising taste of comedy for the future?
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