Past event - 2017
15 May Doors open: 7pm. Event: 7.30 - 10pm.
Looking Glass Cocktail Club 49 Hackney Rd,
London E2 7NX
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What a beautiful fascinating organ is our brain! But what happens when it doesn't behave properly? Tonight, Dr Freestone and Dr Brennan will take us on a journey through the world of mental disorders, violent behavior and addiction. Fasten your seat belt! During the event, there will be Pint of Science T-shirts and bottle openers to be won!

The Detail in the Devil: Exploring the Intricate Link between Mental Disorder and Violence

Dr Mark Freestone (Senior Lecturer in Psychiatry)
How do we know who is going to behave violently? What can be done to identify, manage and prevent a potential violent incident? Such questions have exercised researchers and clinicians in medical and social sciences for decades. In this talk, I want to talk about how far research has brought us to understanding the complex and confounding social phenomenon of interpersonal violence, and outline some exciting developments in forensic psychology and artificial intelligence, led by researchers at QMUL, that may help to influence future clinical practice and policy.

Why do some people become addicted or develop psychiatric disorders?

Dr Caroline Brennan (Reader in Molecular Genetics)
Addiction and psychiatric disease places an enormous burden on society. Therefore, identification of factors that contribute to an individual's vulnerability to addiction and psychiatric disease, and how well they respond to existing treatments is highly desired. I will illustrate how behavioural genetic studies in zebrafish can be used to learn about the neural processes affecting human behaviour including psychiatric disease, addiction and cognitive decline (dementia).