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Prospecting for new antibiotics

This event is fully accessible and has step-free access. Under 18s allowed.
Past event - 2019
21 May Doors7pm
@home, 5 Bridge St,
Salisbury SP1 2ND
Antibiotics protect us from pathogenic bacteria (the bad bugs) and underpin modern medicine. Antibiotic resistance is considered a major threat to public health and the need to find new antibiotics is pressing. Two leading scientists will discuss why we urgently need new antibiotics and how scientists are trying to find them, sometimes in the most unexpected places!

War in Your Roses – antibiotic resistance, where it starts and where it all may end

Dr Paul Russel (Consultant Microbiologist)
How does your garden grow? The soil is a chemical battle ground for bugs competing with each other. Bacteria produce substances that we know as antibiotics to prevent the growth of their competitors. However, the competing bacteria then produce chemicals to counteract this, aiding their survival. Learn more about the race for survival taking place around us.

Prospecting for new antibiotics; the more exotic the better!

Dr Mark Sutton (Scientific Leader – Healthcare Biotechnology. Public Health England. )
As bacteria become better able to resist current antibiotics, scientists are turning to ever more unusual locations and approaches to find new ones. We’ll discuss the urgent need for antibiotics and explore some of the approaches, exotic and closer to home, which have been used to find new treatments for bacterial infections.