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Light, matter, information and communication at the quantum scale

This venue has step-free entrance and accessible facilities.
Past event - 2022
10 May Doors 7pm
Event 7.30-9.30pm
Star and Shadow Cinema, Warwick St,
Newcastle NE2 1BB
Adam Stokes talks about light and matter at the quantum scale and how knowledge of this can be used to develop quantum technologies. Aleksey Kozikov talks about using quantum laws of nature to improve online security and information-sharing.

What really are light and matter at the quantum scale?

Dr Adam Stokes (NU Academic Track Fellow)
The everyday meanings of the terms light and matter are well known to everyone; matter’s what stuff’s made of and light lets us see stuff. But at the quantum scale what these things really are is much less clear whenever the two interact strongly. Such strong interaction regimes are not only important for developing our fundamental understanding, but also for developing next-generation quantum technologies. I will present an overview of current understanding and the fundamental challenges that remain in understanding quantum light-matter interactions.

How uncertainty helps to create absolutely secure future 

Dr Aleksey Kozikov (Lecturer in Physics)
Modern information and communication systems transmit a large amount of sensitive information in healthcare and defence sectors, social media, voting, online purchases, etc. Not a month goes by when we do not hear about hacker attacks that expose a vast amount of such information. We need to find novel ways to safely transmit the data. I will discuss how uncertainty can help to create absolutely secure future, how (quantum) laws of nature, that cannot be broken, can make transmission of sensitive information unhackable.

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