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Ready to play and re-behave through Regoal!

The venue is accessible with an accessible toilet
Past event - 2022
09 May Doors 6pm
Event 6.30-8.00pm
The Spring Grove, 13 Bloomfield Road Kingston Upon Thames Surrey,
London KT1 2SF
Join our event where we'll tell you about the development of a new selective game-based intervention for adolescents at risk of behavioural problems aged 11-16 years in Tower Hamlets, ​Hackney, and Newham.

Rethinking the service provision amongst young people with behavioural problems: The need to revamp

Ifigeneia Manitsa (Psychology Researcher and Associate Lecturer)
Five percent of young people in the UK have conduct disorder and 45% of community child health referrals are due to behaviour problems. Young people living in deprived neighbourhoods and low-income households are three times more likely to present with behavioural problems. Many families currently receive little or no help until the young person’s behaviour has escalated to involvement in crime. However, digital programmes have been found to moderate behavioural symptoms and are user-friendly giving easy and immediate access and support to parents.

A coproduced game-based intervention for young people with behavioural problems

Maria Livanou (Senior Lecturer in Forensic Psychology)
This talk will present a study that aims to develop a game-based programme (Regoal intervention) for adolescents 11 to 16 years at risk of behavioural problems. The study will pilot and test out the feasibility of Regoal to reduce behavioural problems.

Marcus Bull

Marcus Bull (PhD Researcher at Kingston University London)
Marcus will be co-presenting with Ifigeneia and Maria, and he is one of the researchers in this project.

Birsu Kandemirci (host)

Birsu Kandemirci (Lecturer in Developmental Psychology)
Birsu is a Developmental Psychology lecturer at Kingston University. Her research focuses on children's creativity, their language abilities, and how they understand other people's perspectives -she is fascinated by all the impressive abilities young children have!