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Regrowing the brain

Past event - 2016
25 May Doors open 7pm
event 7:30-10pm.
The Atlas, 16 Seagrave Rd,
London SW6 1RX
Sold Out!
At this event, you'll have the chance to win highly-coveted Pint of Science merchandise, including pint glasses and t-shirts. There may even be some Pint of Science tattoos around!

 This event is located on the first floor, only accessible by stairs.

Repairing the brain with stem cells

Tim Davies (PhD student at MRC Clinical Sciences Centre, Imperial College London)
Stem cells have the unique ability to become many different types of cells. This makes them an attractive tool for creating therapies to replace cells lost through disease or injury. Nowhere is this cell replacement more important than the brain, where the ability to naturally repair damage is woefully inadequate. Tim will talk about his research to uncover the complex combination of signals that controls stem cell behaviour in the brain, shedding light on a fascinating biological process, whilst potentially helping to pave the way for the regenerative stem cell therapies of the future.

Do you need new brain cells?

Dr Simona Parrinello (Honorary Senior Lecturer at MRC Clinical Sciences Centre, Imperial College London)
You break your arm and your body heals, but Superman fell off a horse and never walked again. Why don't nerve cells regenerate in the same way? Simona will talk about how communication between cells in your brain affects how stem cells repair nerves. By influencing this communication she hopes to identify new treatments for brain damage.