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Reimagining Manchester: A Future Beyond Austerity

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Past event - 2024
15 May Doors open 6pm
Event 7pm to 9pm
The Albert Club, 39-41 Old Lansdowne Rd,
Manchester M20 2PA
Join us in envisioning 'A Future Beyond Austerity' for Manchester. Engage with transformative ideas on Universal Basic Income, refugee energy access, and graduate employment as we shape a brighter tomorrow, together.

Understanding Universal Basic Income

Dr. Dave Beck (Lecturer of Social Policy at the University of Salford)
Hi, I’m Dave and I’m a sociologist. Why do we feel the need to start conversations like this? Is what we do for eight-hours a reflection of who we really are?

I have been called a communist, a socialist, and a free-market (neo)Liberal by people questioning my positions on this thing we call ‘work’. But let’s be real, capitalism doesn’t work for the many (as intended). However, Universal Basic Income – the new buzzword floating around academic social policy & sociology - asks us to rethink the meaning of who we are.

So... Hi, I’m Dave, and I’m…?

Energy Deprivation Among Refugees in England

Manon Burbidge (PhD Researcher in Human Geography at the University of Manchester)
In this talk, I will introduce the issue of energy poverty, its causes and how it is experienced by refugee communities living in England. I will show how government policies create injustices that lead new refugees to be overrepresented in precarious and poor quality housing, living on very low incomes. This can increase a household's vulnerability to energy poverty, which may manifest for instance as living in a cold, damp home. This in turn has impacts on social integration, health, education and job outcomes.

Careers Advice and Employment Support for Young People: Exploring Research, Policy and Practice in England

Dr. Fiona Christie (Senior Lecturer in Career Development, Employability and Human Resource Management at Manchester Metropolitan University)
Austerity policies resulted in an erosion of a universal entitlement to careers advice for young people. Meanwhile they face an unpredictable and uncertain job market; alongside other shared generational challenges, eg., housing and education costs. Fiona has conducted recent research which highlights how resourceful young people can be in navigating uncertainty into and within work. Her research argues that more can be done by employers, policymakers, trade unions and educational institutions to support young people’s transitions into employment. Provision of timely careers advice can play a vital role in supporting young people into decent and meaningful work.
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