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Revolutionising how we treat cancer

Past event - 2016
24 May Doors 6:30pm
7pm Start
9:30pm Finish
Bodega, 12 Bennett's Hill,
Birmingham B2 5RS
Sold Out!
Our incredibly powerful immune system can recognise threats and protect us from disease. But when it comes to cancer, these defences often fail. That’s because cancer cells send out molecules to suppress these immune cells, to avoid being recognised and destroyed. But new techniques that harness the power of the immune system against cancer are making headlines across the world. Join us as we discuss the theories behind these treatments and some of the latest advances in this exciting field. 

This event will take place downstairs in the Sugarloaf Bar.

Changing the Face of Cancer Treatments

Professor Gary Middleton (Professor of Medical Oncology)
There has been a transformation of cancer medicine over the past ten years due to advances in precision medicine and immunotherapy, as explored in this talk.
By understanding the molecular background behind an individual patient’s cancer, new precision medicine therapies are allowing doctors to tailor treatments to each patient. Immunotherapy aims to harness a patient’s own immune system to fight cancer. In certain difficult to treat cancers, the results of this approach have been astonishing.

The science behind the headlines of new cancer immune therapies

Dr Heather Long (Lecturer at the Institute of Immunology and Immunotherapy)
A number of successes in treating cancer have been recently reported using ‘immunotherapies’. This involves harnessing the body’s immune system to fight against cancer, and this talk will explain why. Cancer presents the immune system with a particularly difficult challenge, because cancer cells are able to evade detection and escape immune attack.
New immunology approaches are allowing the immune system to recognise cancers, opening up exciting avenues of research for treating cancer patients.