Past event - 2017
16 May Doors open: 7pm. Event: 7.30 - 10 pm
Bethnal Green Working Men's Club (Basement Pub Bar), 42-44 Pollard Row,
London E2 6NB
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Tonight, you'll see some of the best examples of innovative research. With the advance of modern technology, medicine has taken advantage of new exciting tools to improve patient-care to unimaginable levels. Dr Thaha and Dr Vepa are living examples of this and tonight they will present their cutting edge research into remote-controlled endoscopic pill-cameras and robotic prosthetic devices. An event not to be missed!

Please note that food will not be served at this event.


How to swallow a camera, and why.

For over 15 years, we have been able to swallow tiny pill-sized cameras that give doctors the ability to see videos of our insides. These videos enable them to detect all kinds of diseases and lesions. There is only one problem: doctors have no means of controlling the cameras. That is, until now. I will talk about the variety of innovative new designs for pill cameras and what our research team at QMUL has done to address the challenges of investigating us from the inside.

Integrating Prosthetic Manipulators to the Nerves and Beyond.

Neural and prosthesis research has led to the possibility of robotic prosthetic devices being directly interfaced to the nervous system so they respond to the commands from the central nervous system. It is accepted that all the information needed to control a limb is available at the terminals of the motor neurons controlling the associated muscle systems. The use of artificial neural networks is assisting the development of multi-level decoders of the cognitive signals that can determine the users intent, synthesize the desired trajectory as well provide the signals to the joint-controllers.