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Robot Revolution?

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Past event - 2018
14 May Doors 19:00
Event 19:30-21:30
The Albert Club, 39-41 Old Lansdowne Rd,
Manchester M20 2PA
Sold Out!
From Ex Machina to Blade Runner, a future with advanced robotics and AI is often at the forefront of our thoughts. But how much do we know about current work in these fields? Join us to discover how scientists are applying breakthroughs in robotics and computer science to study hazardous environments and to better identify and treat diseases, and much more.

Are Robots just Spanners or Evil Overlords in Waiting?

Dr Simon Watson (Lecturer in Robotics Systems)
Are we going to wake up in 10 years’ time and find that we now have a supreme robot overlord or are the robots of the future just going to be tools that help make our lives better?

Why do we look at bones?

Professor Timothy Cootes (Professorial Research Fellow in Computer Vision)
Medicine has been revolutionised by our ability to look inside the body without having to open it up. X-rays and body scanning systems enable us to study bones and organs in unprecedented detail. This talk will explain how we go about studying the shape of bones and why. Prof Cootes will describe new techniques for automatically measuring the shape, and how we can look at differences in shape between different people either due to natural variation or to disease and how measuring the bones in this way is useful for diagnosing a range of different diseases.

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