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Robots on fire!

Past event - 2016
23 May Doors open 6:30 pm
event 7-9:30 pm.
The Bolton, 326 Earls Court Road,
London SW5 9BQ
Sold Out!
Can humans alone tackle global environmental challenges such as a megafire? In the foreseeable future, smart robots simulating the behaviour of humans, animals, or even insects might help us perform tasks that are far beyond our capabilities, such as fighting megafires. How far away are we from this scenario?

This event takes place on the first floor, accessible only by stairs.

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Megafires: an Earth-Scale Challenge

Dr Guillermo Rein (Reader in Thermal Energy at Imperial College London)
Smouldering megafires are the largest and longest-burning fires on Earth, and are global environmental disasters. They destroy essential ecosystems, induce surges of respiratory emergencies in the population, and are responsible for 15% of annual global greenhouse gas emissions, the same amount attributed to the whole of the European Union. Guillermo’s talk is about how smouldering fires ignite, spread, and extinguish, and how we can create the technology that will reduce the environmental burden of smouldering fires.

Bio-Mechatronics: From insects to smart robots

Dr Ravi Vaidyanathan (Senior Lecturer in Bio-Mechatronics at Imperial College London)
Bio-mechatronics is a discipline where scientists and engineers turn inspirations from nature into smarter engineering systems. Ravi will share his experience in the field of bio-mechatronics and the latest architectures developed in his group, including brain-implant therapies, robot interface systems, and insect-inspired mobile robots, which in the future may be able to perform hazardous tasks such as fighting megafires.
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