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Rooted Resolutions

Please note this event takes place on in the basement and has no step-free access. Over 18s only
Past event - 2024
14 May Doors 6.30pm
Event 7.00-9.30pm
Mermaid, 11b Gandy Street,
Exeter EX4 3LS
Sold Out!
Embark on a journey into the heart of our ecosystems with passionate researchers. From exploring the vital role of peatlands in climate resilience to uncovering innovative approaches to nature conservation, this event promises to inspire. For one night only, we bring a bonus Researcher Lightning round, pint-sized talks from four early career researchers. Discover how a touch of care and investment can 'tip the balance' in our battle against biodiversity loss and climate change.

Tree by Tree - forest it will be

Martina Egedusevic (Honorary Research Fellow at University of Exeter and Environmental scientist at ARUP LTD)
Research has shown that creating woodlands helps nature. However, not much is known about the localised effects of afforestation on small catchments. For her PhD research, Martina looked at how different catchment methods affect water flow and soil erosion in a catchment in Menstrie, Scotland. This talk will explore how she monitored several plots within the site and what her findings show about the way water moves over and through soil structures. She hopes this talk will fuel important discussions and understanding on how we can better manage our landscapes.

Lightning Round: Sharing, sparing and hedging: Where to plant trees for Net Zero

Kevin Donkers (PhD Student & data scientist)
To be Net Zero by 2050, the UK needs more trees. 70% of UK land is agricultural, so many trees will be planted on farms. The question is - how? This talk will explore the trade-offs between commercial forestry and agriculture, and whether agroforestry can solve our looming carbon problem.

Lightning Round: Saving the planet without protected areas

Ben Fitnov-Norris (PhD Student)
Biodiversity is declining at an exceptional rate, and protected areas aren’t going to be enough. How can we look beyond protected areas and make sure we are maximising nature conservation?

Lightning Round: Partnerships for Sustainable Management: Science + Policy = Impact

Enimhien Akhabue (Doctoral Researcher)
Collaborative efforts between scientists, policymakers, and stakeholders can significantly impact the preservation of our planet for current and future generations. In her talk, Enimhein will highlight how by working together to co-produce impactful research, we can address pressing issues such as climate change and develop mitigation and adaptation strategies. This can help achieve sustainable outcomes and foster a better world for all.

Lightning Round: Sensors, drones and rocks that roll

Kate Newby (PhD Student)
Landslides are dangerous and costly hazards, with their impacts set to worsen due to climate change. Slow-moving landslides are stealthy slope failures: they slowly creep until one day they may fail catastrophically. One such landslide is the Black Ven-Spittles complex in Lyme Regis. Here, we have installed a network of wireless sensors that continuously monitor the landslide in order to understand its processes and triggers of movement. Using different technologies (wireless sensors, drones, and even your smartphones!), we can begin to unravel some of its mysteries and protect surrounding communities,

What’s our land for and how can we make better decisions about its use?

Sam Bridgewater (Director of Environment Strategy & Evidence)
We live on a densely populated isle with huge pressures on our land. We need land for nature, to produce food, timber and energy and to provide space for industry, housing, infrastructure and public access to the countryside. The last few years have seen the issue of ‘land use’ being debated to a far greater extent than in living memory. But how do we make the best land use decisions? Using East Devon as a case study the session will encourage debate on what drives land use decision-making and how we might reconcile many competing land use demands.
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