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SciArt Attack

This venue has step-free access. Under 18s must be accompanied by an adult.
Past event - 2019
22 May Doors 7pm
Event 7.30-10pm
Chorlton Irish Club, 17 High Lane,
Manchester M21 9DJ
Sold Out!
This is SciArt Attack! Tonight will be filled with a collision between the worlds of art and science. We will dive head first to go behind the scenes on the creation of Bee in the City and the 80+ collaborators involved. Moving on, we will find out how our complicated molecular biology functions and then hear it all through the world of sound and music. Lastly, we will explore personal stories on how creating graphic poems and comics has helped understanding an artist understand life with type 1 diabetes.

When Art and Science Collide: A personal journey through SciArt

Kelly Stanford (Artist, illustrator and communicator)
What is SciArt and how does an artist venture into the world of science? Manchester-based artist Kelly Stanford shares her personal stories of diving head-first into scientific adventure, exploring the relationship between two disciplines, marking art and how she ended up creating a successful public science communication sculpture in collaboration with 80+ local scientists!

Communicating molecular biology through the medium of sound

Nick Weise (Lecturer and E-Learning Lead, Network Manager)
The genetic code is universal, used by all organisms to make the biomolecules that allow them to function. Biotechnologists take advantage of this fact moving genes between organisms, to allow useful proteins to be used for purposes such as sustainable chemical manufacture and treatment of diseases. However the processes that govern how the same genes are expressed in a different organism are complicated to explain or understand (even for the scientists that work with them!) Come and find out how we have combined music and science to communicate molecular biology principles through sound!

Diabetes Year One: Drawing, comics, & medicine

Tony Pickering (Artist, illustrator and graphic novelist)
Reflections on my experience creating a collection of graphic poems about experiencing and understanding type 1 diabetes. I will consider my own diagnosis, and talk about how drawing and designing comics has affected my understanding of what it means to be a patient, and what I think it suggests for how we manage communication with long term patients. Original drawings will be on show, along with copies of the final book.

Get Creative!

On the night, we’ll have a collection of artworks by the fantastic Chloe Knights (https://www.chloeknights.com/), Kelly Stanford (https://www.kellystanford.co.uk), Beck Smith (instagram.com/rebecsart) and Tony Pickering (http://pick-art.co.uk/about ). There’ll be time before, during and after the talks to observe and interact with these fantastic pieces of art!