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Science beyond the establishment

Please note that this location has no step-free access.
Past event - 2017
16 May Doors 7pm
Event 7.30-9.30pm
Moriarty's Bar, 161 Lothian Road,
Edinburgh EH3 9AA
Sold Out!
Do all scientists wear lab coats, weird goggles, talk posh and steal pens? We don’t think so. We'd like to share some stories from a different style of science with you: citizen science. This new style of mass public research has huge potential to revolutionise our understanding and appreciation of the natural world. Join us as a citizen and leave as a scientist! With a hilarious Qi-style animal quiz, animal spotting around the pub and prizes to be won. Please note that this event takes place on the lower ground floor and is not accessible for those with impaired mobility.

Looking for a new hobby? Try saving species!

Ever sat at home with no idea what to do? Probably. Ever thought of doing some science in that time? Probably not. (Apologies to anyone who shouted yes, please come along and tell me how wrong I was). After all, scientists are those mysterious people in lab coats with long words and dangerous ideas, right? Not so much. Anyone can contribute to science and thus be a scientist! How? And why should you do it? Let me introduce you to some amazing projects and some of the wonderful things science-related volunteering may allow you to experience.

How citizens are transforming science as we (used to) know it

Science is often thought of as an exclusive activity, reserved for those who have been trained to become experts. In this talk I will show how science is currently being developed and even transformed by the least likely candidate: ordinary citizens. Citizen Science claims to be ‘science by and for the people’, so what kind of scientific activity is this? Using examples from environmental initiatives I will discuss the scope for citizen engagement to offer a new paradigm for carrying out scientific investigations – a paradigm that can even lead us to re-think who controls the research agenda.

Wild Work - conserving Edinburgh's 'wilderness'

Arthur's Seat is an iconic feature of Edinburgh's skyline and leaves a lasting impression on residents and tourists alike. But, with over a million visitors a year, trying to keep Holyrood Park a special place for everyone whilst conserving its wildlife and preserving its archaeological and geological heritage is a challenging balancing act. Come and have a shot at being a ranger for the evening and find out how you can help conserve our own Arthur's Seat and Holyrood Park.