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Science of pint and friends - from forensic detection to brewer's perfection

Venue Accessible. Bar Open. Restaurant will be closed.
Past event - 2024
15 May Doors open 18:45
Event 19:00-21:00
Copper Rivet Distillery, Pumphouse No.5, Leviathan Way, Chatham Maritime,
Kent ME4 4LP
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Join this unique collaboration to explore how alcohol is used by forensic scientists and by distillers to create some of our favourite drinks.

Ethanol - mankind's favourite drug

Dr Sophie Turfus (Senior Lecturer in Forensic Science)
As "mankind's favourite drug", ethanol has been used throughout history in social settings to help and to hinder, and can both reduce and increase human inhibitions. Come and learn about the forensic detection of this enigmatic drug, from Standard Field Sobriety tests to breathalysers used at the scene, from antidoping testing of ethanol in certain sports, to hair analysis of its metabolites. Find out about the autobrewery syndrome and other clever arguments used by defendants. Come and listen to the exciting research taking place in Greenwich and maybe even become part of it yourself!

Grain To Glass

Abhishek Banik (Distillery Manager, Copper Rivet)
Will your favourite beer make your favourite whisky?

At Copper Rivet Distillery we have been making our grain-to-glass spirits since 2016, and is home for our Dockyard Gin, Vela Vodka and Masthouse Whisky.

We take a brewer’s approach to create flavour for our spirits and Whiskies. Join the production team at Copper Rivet for Pint of Science talk to explore how brewing parameters like grain selection, yeast, mashing techniques effects the flavours of beer and Whisky.
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