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Science, Religion, and Society

To access the performance space at Belgrave Music Hall, there are 22 steps up. There are 2 accessible toilets within the building, one of which is directly outside event room.
Past event - 2018
16 May Doors: 19:00
Panel discussion 19:30-21:30
Belgrave Music Hall and Canteen, 1-1A Cross Belgrave Street,
Leeds LS2 8JP
Sold Out!
What relationship do science and religion have in our modern world? Positive or negative, or do they even interact at all? Join us for our panel night, bringing to you a number of speakers from different backgrounds, each sharing their experiences and how their faith (or lack thereof) has impacted their work and their scientific outlook. The night will start with speaker introductions and some questions to get the ball rolling, before handing over to you, the audience.  **Bring your questions on the night or tweet them now, to @LeedsStemSoc with the hashtag #OSLeeds.**

Mr. Kevin Jones

Kevin Jones (Postgraduate Researcher )
Kevin Jones is a postgraduate researcher at the Centre for the History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Leeds. His research focuses on the history of clinical, social, and legal conceptions of mental health disorders. He teaches topics in the history of science and religion, as well as existential philosophy and phenomenology, and is co-editing a book on the history and philosophy of science that is set to be published this autumn.

Dr. Bernadette Moore

Dr. Bernadette Moore (Associate Professor in the School of Food Science and Nutrition)
Dr. Bernadette Moore is an Associate Professor in the School of Food Science and Nutrition at the University of Leeds. Her research is focussed on the role of hepatic nutrient metabolism in health ageing and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.
Bernadette has a deeply spiritual Ashtanga yoga practice and describes herself as a devout humanist, atheist and 'recovering Catholic'. She notes the extent of historical and ongoing wars, and crimes against humanity that have been carried out in the name of religion.

Dr. Rhoda Hawkins

Dr. Rhoda Hawkins (Senior Lecturer and Researcher)
Dr. Rhoda Hawkins is a senior lecturer in physics at the University of Sheffield, and a visiting lecturer at the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences. She did her degree in Oxford and PhD in Leeds and has worked in Amsterdam, Paris, and Bristol. Her research involves applying theoretical physics to problems in biology, including how cells move and change shape.
Rhoda defines herself as Christian and is a committee member of "Christians in Science". In 2016 she was awarded the Oliver Barclay lecture prize for science-faith communication.

Mr. Paul Coleman

Mr. Paul Coleman (Postgraduate Researcher)
Paul Coleman is a historian of science specialising in the history of electricity and teaches modules on the history of science and religion at the University of Leeds.
He is a co-ordinator for the Church Scientific project, which aims to explore ways in which faith can enhance and inform scientific studies. Scientists on the project have welcomed hearing about historical dimensions to their subject which challenge the popular view of science as an objective, linear, and inevitable progression towards today's knowledge. He is a practicing Christian and plays an active part in church life.

Sameera Rafiq (Host)

Sameera Rafiq (Research Officer)
Sameera Rafiq is the first Al- Habeeb scholar who promotes and champions BME communities through her writing, presenting and forums she holds in particular via her blog (www.thegobstoppers.wordpress.com).
Sameera studied her BA in History followed by an MA in Journalism, she actively worked as a journalist producing and presenting for BBC radio Manchester and Lancashire and then moved to British muslim TV as an Executive Producer and Presenter.
Currently, Sameera works at The University of Leeds as a Research Officer, raising the profiles of academic research.
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