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Secrets of Icy Landscapes: What can they tell us?

The Magic Hat has a very shallow ramp entrance from street level. The space is designed for wheelchairs to move about in and has a fully accessible toilet.
Past event - 2024
14 May Doors 7pm
Event 7.30-9.30pm
Magic Hat Cafe, 3-5, Higham House, Higham Place,
Newcastle NE1 8AF
What’s going on beneath the ice and what secrets are hidden in the permafrost? If you are curious and you want to find out how glaciers form, if anything can live beneath them and how thawing of permafrost can influence our climate – come along!

Life Beneath the Ice

Becky McCerery (Research Associate, Northumbria University)
This talk will take you on an adventure to the furthest reaches of our planet to explore how and where glaciers form and how they can support life. Viable life was first found beneath glaciers and ice sheets in the 1990’s and since then scientists have been working hard to understand what they are how they are surviving in some of the harshest conditions on planet Earth. Come and witness the latest breakthroughs in this fascinating field and what it might mean for our search for life on other planets.

Muddy Secrets of Permafrost in the Arctic 

Kirsi Keskitalo (Research Fellow, Northumbria University)
Tonight, we will learn about frozen ground, known as permafrost, that covers a large proportion of the Arctic. Why does permafrost thaw and what that means for the climate? Could mud collected from the Arctic hold the answers?

I’ll explain about a key part of my research that is to analyse mud samples collected from the farthest corners of the Arctic and during this talk, I will reveal some of the secrets they hold. Join the discussion to learn about permafrost, its thaw and why it is important to understand.
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