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Secrets of our universe

Fully accessible with facilities
Past event - 2024
13 May Doors 6:30pm
Event 7-9pm
Mettricks Guildhall, 1 Guildhall Place,
Southampton SO14 7DU
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Twinkle twinkle little stars. Do you wonder what they are? Fasten your seatbelt, grab your drink and join us on our space voyage to unfold the mysteries of our vast universe. Our journey will start with the most profound question - "Did our universe have a beginning?" and then end with "A brand new world" described by the quantum gravity.

The Universe's Dawn: A Beginning or Eternal Existence?

Abdul Afzal ( PhD Candidate in Theoretical Physics at School of Physics and Astronomy)
Join me on a cosmic journey as we explore one of the most profound questions in cosmology: Did our universe have a beginning? For decades, the “Big Bang” has been the leading explanation for the universe’s origins, suggesting a singular moment of creation. But what if the universe has always existed? In this talk, we’ll delve into the mysteries of the cosmos, examining groundbreaking theories that challenge the traditional notion of a beginning. We’ll discuss the fascinating concept of eternal cosmology, which propose that the universe could be infinite—without start or end. Discover how cutting-edge research opens the door to a universe that may have no beginning, no end, and no limits

Quantum Gravity: A Brane New World

Matt Ward (PhD Researcher, Southampton Theory, Astrophysics & Gravity (STAG) group)
In this talk I will introduce the concept of branes from string theory and explain how their recently discovered connection to black holes has allowed us to recast intractable problems in quantum physics with solvable problems in higher-dimensional theories of gravity. In particular, I will discuss my efforts to obtain new mass predictions for composite matter particles such as the proton and an exotic candidate for dark matter. In doing so, I will describe the holographic dictionary tying these two theories together and comment on how this connection suggests a new interpretation of reality.
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