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Seeing In The Dark

Ground floor venue with accessible toilets.
Past event - 2024
13 May Doors open 7pm
Event start 7.30pm
Event finish 9.30pm
Durham Amateur Rowing Club, Green Lane,
Durham DH1 3JU
Sold Out!
Using visible light isn't the only way to see things in the Universe! Tonight we'll explore how scientists use radio astronomy to study various objects in space and how we can find and observe black holes, even though they are black. 

The Dawn of Radio Astronomy

Frits Sweijen (PhD student)
Our eyes provide our most direct way of observing the world around us, including the night sky above our heads. With telescopes and cameras we can study stars, nebulae and galaxies galore. However, visible light is only a sliver of the light emitted by those objects. In this talk we take a look at how extraterrestrial radio waves were discovered and how it spurred a new branch of astronomy that we call "radio astronomy" that ended up providing valuable insight in our understanding of galaxies and black holes.

Black holes are black! So how can we see them?

Professor Christine Done (Professor in the Department of Physics)
I will show some of the recent breakthrough results on observing black holes - the amazing direct image of the shadow of the event horizon in our Galaxy, as well as gravitational waves. And then I will explore some of the fun ideas in science fiction where black holes are used as devices for travel through time and space, and see which of these might actually be possible!

The Universe through Radio Eyes

Dr Roland Timmerman (Postdoctoral Research Associate)
Similar to the light we see in our day-to-day lives, radio waves are electromagnetic waves, but with a much longer wavelength. Radio telescopes are sensitive to this "colour" of light, allowing us to see the Universe in a completely different way. In this wavelength, we see black holes, interstellar gas and dust in distant galaxies, the formation of new stars, and many more exotic objects. In this talk, I will show you what the Universe looks like through a modern radio telescope and what we are trying to learn from such observations.
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