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'Seeing' SynBio

This event is accessible via a stairlift, and has accessible bathroom facilities. Over 18s only.
Past event - 2019
22 May Doors 7pm
Event 7:30-9:30pm
Old Bell Inn, 233-235 Causewayside,
Edinburgh EH9 1PH
Sold Out!
Step into the future of synthetic biology research and explore how researchers are using this technology to study the world around us. You'll hear from two amazing researchers from the University of Edinburgh and get the chance to spread your creative wings with some of Edinburgh's talented artists to show the world (well, pub) how you 'see' synbio!

Tonight's event is hosted by the UK Centre for Mammalian Synthetic Biology at the University of Edinburgh. Find out more about the centre at http://www.synbio.ed.ac.uk/.


Shooting Spirals! DNA, lasers and cells

Dr Gaynor Campbell (Facility Scientist)
For millennia, humankind has been manipulating the world around us. Plants have become crops, animals have become pets, and now innovations in synthetic biology mean we can fast track this manipulation and possibly even change ourselves. Synthetic biology is rapidly evolving and gives great media copy, with tales of gene therapy hopes, CRISPR conundrums and Silicon Valley “biohacking”- big concepts with potentially far-reaching consequences. Here in Edinburgh, we have the ability to design and build huge numbers of DNA parts (aided by robots!), we simply need to test them.

The answer is proteins....now what was the question?

Dr Lynne Regan (Chair of Interdisciplinary Science, Enter for Synthetic and Systems Biology)
Proteins perform many functions in all living organisms. They can have many different properties – from silk, to horn, to hair, to hormones, to haemoglobin (makes blood red). I will talk about what proteins do in our bodies and what happens when they go wrong. I will also talk about how, by manipulating the DNA of an organism, we can produce proteins of biomedical importance, including insulin, anti-cancer therapeutics and more.
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