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Small scales? Big potential

Please note that this event takes place in the first floor Function Room and has no step-free access.
Past event - 2019
21 May Doors 6:30 pm
Event 7-9.30 pm
The Alexandra, 14 Clapham Common South Side,
London SW4 7AA
Sold Out!
Ever wondered what quantum mechanics actually means? Or how smart devices just seem to be getting smaller and smaller? Tonight, we will answer your questions! Join us for an evening of discovery with researchers at the cutting edge of Physics. You’ll learn what knowledge goes into new technologies and what challenges must be overcome to push the frontiers of small-scale Science.

The Quantum Workshop

Dr James Millen (Lecturer in Physics at King’s College London)
Dr Ying Lia Li (EPSRC Doctoral Fellow at University College London)
When you hear the word ‘quantum’, what comes to mind? Robot overlords, spooky action at a distance, multiple universes? Let Dr. James Millen and Dr. Ying Lia Li guide you through the mysteries of quantum physics, using data to convince you what is real and what we’ve yet to discover. They’ll navigate through the hype, using examples from their own research to explain why you might need to wait a bit longer to teleport yourself. Their goal is to de-mystify quantum physics, and focus on the quantum technologies which are being actively funded by governments and industries around the world.

Getting nanomaterials to behave

Dr Aliaksandra Rakovich (Research Fellow and Proleptic Lecturer in Physics at King’s College London)
The word “nano” refers to nothing more than a number: to be precise. Yet, in recent times, it has become equivalent to “cutting edge” when discussing technology. So why is this number so unique?
The reason is that nano-materials, or materials whose dimensions are of “nano” size, have very different properties compared to their “bulk” counterparts. These properties are what makes them so promising for next-generation technologies, and at the same time what makes it so challenging to work with them!
Come and find out what nanomaterials are, and what we are trying to do with them.