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Social Identity and Illusions

Please note that this event takes place on the first floor and there is no step-free access.
Past event - 2018
15 May Doors 19:00
Event 19:30 to 21:30
The Ship, 1-3 Martins Lane,
Exeter EX1 1EY
Sold Out!
 In this event we'll be exploring how we interact with our environment. Join us to understand how you perceive the world, and how the world perceives you...

Who do we think you are? Online social identity detection

Miriam Koschate-Reis (Lecturer in Social and Organisational Psychology)
Are you a parent, a vegetarian, a feminist, all of these, or none? By using computational models, we may be able to tell from your writing style to which social groups you belong, and more importantly, which group membership was influencing you while you were writing. You may be able to deceive the person next to you but our model will know who you really are (well, most of the time). In this talk, Miriam will guide you through a world of digital fingerprints, style shifting, and identity deception and explain what your last social media post may reveal about you.

What can illusions tell us about how we perceive the world?

Dr Gavin Buckingham (Lecturer )
We use our sense of sight, hearing, and touch to interact with our environments. But how does out brain make sense of all this incoming information? In this presentation Gavin will examine some of the ways in which a range of different illusions demonstrate how our brain must be scaffolding our sensory input to help us experience the world around us, and show some surprising ways in which our ability to control our movements is separate from our experience of the world around us.