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Star power

This event has step-free access and an accessible facilities.
Past event - 2015
18 May Doors open 6:30pm
Event 7pm-10pm
The Durell Arms, 704 Fulham Road,
London SW6 5SA
This event is fully wheelchair accessible.

How building a star could save the world

Dr Arthur Turrell
Scientists have an unusual dream: to use the world's biggest laser to create a star on Earth. This may sound like the plot of a Hollywood film, but science tells us that harnessing the power of stars has the potential to solve our long-term energy problems. Stars use nuclear fusion to smash atoms together to release vast amounts of energy; Arthur will explain how to replicate this process on earth, and how close we really are to achieving it.

We are all made of stars

Dr Toby Wiseman
In the 100th year since Einstein’s theory of gravity and relativity, Toby will tell us the story of how us, and the Universe, was created. He’s promised a maths-free (!) journey through the Big Bang and expansion of the universe, explaining how the explosion of an early star created all the chemicals that we are made from. It promises to be a fascinating evening enlightening us about our solar origins.
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