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Stem Cells: Hope and hype in medical research

Event on second floor; no step free access.
Past event - 2015
19 May Doors open 7 pm
Event 7.30-9.30pm
Wig and Pen, 9-13 George Street,
Oxford OX1 2AU
Did you know that we can turn back the clock and reprogram mature cells into other types of cells? Which can then be used to treat chronic diseases? No? Then join us to find out more about one of the most extraordinary scientific discovery this century: induced pluripotent stem cells or iPS cells.

Tailoring iPS cell research

Dr Sally Cowley
Sally heads the James Martin Stem Cell Facility where they are experts in reprogramming patient cells to iPS cells to study human disease. They teach others how to perform this technically challenging feat and share resources so that researchers can do projects with iPS cells!

From stem cells to Parkinson's disease

Professor Richard Wade-Martins
Richard leads the Oxford Parkinson's Disease Centre and has a lab that studies the molecular mechanisms of a range of human neurodegenerative diseases with the ultimate aim of developing novel therapies. He is particularly interested in using stem cells to understand why the neurons of patients with Parkinson’s disease die, so that that we can help them instead, to survive.

The many facets of stem cell research

Professor Zameel Cader
Despite billions of pounds being invested, the discovery of new drugs is slowing down. Stem cells are seen as a paradigm shift in this field and bring new hope. From his perspective as both a doctor and a researcher Zameel will explain why they hold such promise.
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