Other events in Southampton

Sticky behaviours: unpicking global warming

Past event - 2016
24 May DOORS OPEN 7.00PM
EVENT 7:30-10.30PM
The Brewhouse & Kitchen, 47 Highfield Ln,
Southampton SO17 1QD
Sold Out!
Can we cut our carbon footprint to make our own contribution in reducing climate change? Who can help us? Find it out in a night when climate change mixes to social sciences. Pub quizzes, hands-on activities & pint-sized experiments. Pint of Science quiz prizes. Kindly sponsored by: the Faculty of Social, Human and Mathematical Science of the University of Southampton.  

Can grassroots organisations support people to take up low carbon behaviours?

People's carbon footprints in rich countries tend to be unsustainably large. Reducing them is often not that easy. Milena will ask what environmental grassroots organisations (GO) can do to help people cut their carbon footprints. Are people who regularly engage with an environmental initiative more likely to reduce their energy use? Which barriers do GO encounter in engaging people on climate change & what could they do to increase their impact?

The Burger Apocalypse

This participative session will explore the environmental impacts of our food – around 20% of the UK’s carbon footprint. The audience will learn about the A-B-C of low carbon eating: AVOID wasting food, BUY in-season food & CHOOSE low carbon food more. Tony has conducted research and runs workshops and shows in sustainability-related topics

Nudges for Carbon Offsetting

I am looking at how insights from behavioural economics (so-called ‘nudges’) might be used for pro-environmental behaviour change. The particular behaviour I focus on is voluntary carbon offsetting for air travel, a potential method of mitigating the carbon emissions from commercial flying.