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Sun, Sea and ……Muons?

Please note this event takes place in a basement room and has no step-free access, or nearby accessible toilet. Main bar open all day for pre-event food and drinks.
Past event - 2024
14 May Doors 7pm
Event 7.30pm to 9.30pm
Tempest on Tithebarn, Tempest Building, 12 Tithebarn Street,
Liverpool L2 2DT
Sold Out!
Join us for an evening of fascinating talks, where we will explore climate change and the green revolution. We will look at alternatives to fossil fuel burning, dive in to deep sea mining for the rare materials which are needed for much of our everyday tech from our phones to our computers. We'll also be discussing muons… what are they you may ask? Come along and discover how they all can contribute to the climate crisis and the green revolution.

Muons: A Chess Game with the Gods….

Dr Paolo Beltrame (Post Doctoral Research Assitant (PDRA))
Nature can be seen as the chessboard of the gods; physics observes it and tries to discover the rules of the game. Interesting outcomes arise when the unexpected happens. The behaviour of the muon is an excellent example of this. When discovered in 1936, Issac Rabi, a Nobel laureate for Physics, commented " And these now, who ordered them?" Looking at two high-precision physics experiments (KLOE and Mu3e) Paolo will explore how muons continue to shake up established ideas, and how they reveal to us the quantum world, showing us the moves of the gods on the chessboard of the universe.

Shining a Light on New and Emerging Solar Cells

Bradley Lewis (PhD Student)
The burning of fossil fuels for energy generation has had a huge impact on the climate. Radical changes using renewable energy sources Is necessary. The solar power industry is dominated by silicon-based panels. However, high energy use during production, means alternatives need to be found. These film solar cells are an alternative. They can be less intensive to produce and have greater potential to use on a wide range of surface types. Bradley will present the science of solar energy generation, discuss state-of-the -art technologies and his current research.

From your Phone to the Abyss: Mining in the Deep Sea

Dr Rachel Jeffreys (Senior Lecturer)
Rare earth metals (REM) are vital to fuel the green revolution helping to avoid the worst effects of climate change. The deep sea is the largest habitat on Earth harbouring many of the REM needed in our everyday technology e.g. smart phones, and for the green revolution; electric car batteries. It is also home to fascinating marine life and ecosystems. Regulations for mining REM in the deep sea are currently being drawn up and contractors are ready to start exploitation for REM. Rachel will introduce you to the most intriguing realm on the planet and discuss the impact of deep sea mining.
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