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Super Materials

Unfortunately this venue does not have step free access or accessible toilets. It is however dog friendly.
Past event - 2024
14 May Doors open at 7.00 pm
Event runs from 7.30-9.30 pm.
Hop Garden, 19 Metchley Lane, Harborne,
Birmingham B17 0HT
Have you ever wondered what superconductors are, how they were discovered and what they can be used for? Or how nanoparticles can be used in the fight against liver cancer? Join us for a spectacular night of science as we dive into the weird world of super materials!

High-Temperature Superconductivity

Dr Clifford Hicks (Reader)
Superconductors are materials that conduct electricity with absolutely no resistance, and that expel magnetic field. In general, superconductivity occurs only at very low temperatures, but there are some classes of material in which superconductivity occurs at temperatures exceeding that of liquid nitrogen – still a very low temperature, but a temperature that can be reached at low cost. The most famous are the cuprates – combinations of copper and oxygen. In this talk, I will discuss the phenomenon of high-temperature superconductivity: which materials show this phenomenon, and the mechanisms that bring it about.

Unlocking Secrets: Nanoparticles vs. Liver Cancer - The Thrilling Journey of Tiny Warriors!

Dr Marwa Rizk (Research fellow)
This research dives into an exciting adventure to battle liver cancer using super-smart nanoparticles. Picture tiny magical particles loaded with powerful medicines and special dyes that light up in MRIs, helping doctors see and fight cancer better.
Responsive polymers decorated these nanoparticles, making them even smarter by figuring out how to pack more medicine inside and making them change brightness in MRIs. It's like upgrading a superhero's gear for a big showdown! And guess what? The results were super promising! These tiny superheroes showed great potential in fighting cancer.
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