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Past event - 2023
24 May Doors 7pm
Event 7.30pm to 9.30pm
The Castle Bar, 37 St Andrew's Street,
Cambridge CB2 3AR
We’re all familiar with the apocalyptic films that place robots as the enemy to human survival in a dystopian future. Are today’s robots really so bad? At this event we’ll be exploring some of the ways in which systems and robots are being used to improve daily life and help with research. Come along to hear early career researchers Dr Ajay Shankar and Nida Abassi as they discuss their research into how robots can help improve wellbeing and predict the weather.

Robotics In The Real World

Dr Ajay Shankar (Department of Computer Science and Technology, University of Cambridge)
Do robots belong only in lab spaces? Or can we make them more practical in the non-synthetic environments we navigate every day? In his talk, Dr Shankar will showcase some of his work in field robotics, and discuss how designing robots that can reliably and dependably perform routine activities for us ‘in the wild’ is often quite a challenge. He will talk about the frontiers our research is exploring — like robots that can aid weather forecasts and water pollution studies while working alongside humans and other robots — and, hopefully, impress the broader impact this work has for our world.

Can Robots Help in the Evaluation of Mental Wellbeing in Children?

Nida Itrat Abbasi (PhD Candidate, Department of Computer Science and Technology, University of Cambridge)
In this talk, Nida Abassi will aim to showcase how child-robot interactions can be used to improve the field of childhood wellbeing, which remains an open challenge in academia. We hope that this research can provide a valuable steppingstone in designing safe and effective smart technologies to evaluate the mental wellbeing of the next generation.
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