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Tech Visionary

Please note this event takes place on the first floor via a narrow staircase.
Past event - 2024
13 May Doors 7pm
Event 7.30pm to 9:30pm
Bunker's Hill, 36-38 Hockley,
Nottingham NG1 1FP
Unlock the secrets of technological advancement with Steve Holland (MIExpE FRGS), Itunu Oyebanji and Katy Voisey. During this event, you will find out about how we use technology to determine the survivability of the occupants of armoured vehicles when they encounter a landmine or buried IED, data-backed decision making, and how to combat corrosion using plant extracts!

How to Blow up a Vehicle

Steve Holland (Director: SJH Projects Ltd)
Find out how we determine the survivability of the occupants of armoured vehicles when they encounter a landmine or buried IED. See the detail that goes into using the NATO wide, standardised procedure that allows nations to share results and greatly improve their research and understanding. We have to produce the world’s most detailed sandpits, x-ray our landmines and make a crash-dummies very worried. What do we measure and what determines survivability? See the three days of test preparation that takes place for an event that last just over a second.

From Data to Decisions: Navigating the Business Intelligence Landscape

Itunu Oyebanji (Senior Business Analyst)
With over 15 years of experience spanning reliability engineering, business analysis, IT infrastructure, and project management, I am a seasoned IT professional committed to ongoing development,. My roles have covered on-premises and cloud-based IT and I bring expertise in aligning business processes with organizational goals. I'll emphasise Business Intelligence (BI) and its practicality in everyday life and business, showcasing how it empowers executives and managers to monitor performance continuously. BI expedites decision-making, enhances operational efficiency, identifies issues, detects trends, develops strategies, and boosts competitiveness. I'll explore various BI tools and applications, showcasing their diverse capabilities.

Fighting corrosion with lasers and broccoli

Katy Voisey (Associate Professor )
Combatting corrosion is one of the most effective ways of improving the lifetime of components and structures. This makes it an inherently sustainable field to work in. There are many approaches to combatting corrosion. Two different aspects of research in this area carried out at The University of Nottingham are highlighted. Corrosion is a surface phenomenon. You will find out how lasers can modify surfaces to enhance corrosion resistance. Putting coatings on surfaces can be very effective at controlling corrosion. The use of plant extracts to generate self-forming temporary corrosion resistant coatings is described, including the results we obtained from broccoli.
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