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Technology and Medicine

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Past event - 2022
09 May Doors 7pm
Event 7.30-9.30pm
Walmgate Ale House, 25 Walmgate,
York YO1 9TX
Technology and the way we use and interact with it changes every day and the potential use of new technology is endless. In our series of Pint of Science nights at the Walmgate Alehouse this year in York, we are going to explore different research areas and how technology is entwined in our lives as modern humans or in some cases will be implemented in the future and change our lives.

On our first evening we will investigate how technology advances medicine and biomedical research with Theo Issitt, Samadhan Patil and Ban Balansethupathy.

Breath and Smell to Diagnose Disease

Theo Issitt (PhD Researcher)
From sniffer dogs and cancer smelling worms to ‘super smellers’ who can smell parkinsons, stories about accurate diagnosis of disease by smell alone are in the news all the time, but what is the reality about the application of this technology? Could this technology be used to check for cancer using only a few breaths into a machine? Could your smart phone tell you if you have COVID? In this talk Theo will discuss one of the oldest forms of diagnosis, what we know and what the future holds.

Seeking New Targets with Aptamers

Dr Banushan Balansethupathy (Scientific Operations Director for Aptamer Group)
If you need to diagnose patients in Africa, avoid the use of animals in your research or deliver a cancer treatment to the centre of a solid tumour, what is the best technology for this? Antibodies have been used for decades to hone in on specific disease markers in diagnostics and therapeutics. Find out how aptamers as DNA and RNA antibody alternatives are shining new light into some of medicines darkest corners.

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