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Technology and Our World

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Past event - 2022
11 May Doors 7pm
Event 7.30-9.30pm
Walmgate Ale House, 25 Walmgate,
York YO1 9TX
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Technology and the way we use and interact with it changes every day and the potential use of new technology is endless. In our series of Pint of Science nights at the Walmgate Alehouse this year in York, we are going to explore different research areas and how technology is entwined in our lives as modern humans or in some cases will be implemented in the future and change our lives.

Our final technology night is based on our world and how technology influences that as individuals or as a society. Our first speakers will be Anna Horwitz and Catherine Preston, followed by Victor Avila Torres.

The Use of Technology in Psychological Treatments

Anna Horwitz (PhD Student in Psychology)
Dr Catherine Preston (Lecturer (Assistant Professor))
Technology is starting to be increasingly used in therapy settings for various mental and physical health disorders. Come and learn about the use virtual reality headsets to create body illusions and body mapping and for the treatment of eating disorders. This includes presenting individuals with live video of themselves to update memory of the external appearance of the body or allowing patients to give a more in depth 3D description of their internal bodily experience.

Music Consumption, Technology, and Identity.

Dr Víctor Ávila Torres (Associate Lecturer in Social Media and Society)
How does the relationship between music and the devices we use to listen to it, help us to develop identities? Particularly, how do recommendation systems and playlists affect this?. The important role of the way in which devices help us to form a preferred way of listening to music, but also a form of improving our everyday life will be highlighted in this talk.

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