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Technology and the Environment

Apologies but this venue does not have step-free access
Past event - 2022
10 May Doors 7pm
Event 7.30-9.30pm
Walmgate Ale House, 25 Walmgate,
York YO1 9TX
Technology and the way we use and interact with it changes every day and the potential use of new technology is endless. In our series of Pint of Science nights at the Walmgate Alehouse this year in York, we are going to explore different research areas and how technology is entwined in our lives as modern humans or in some cases will be implemented in the future and change our lives.

Our second technology based event in York is looking at how technology in the environment and its benefits. James Stockdale, Nils Morozs and Edgar Buchanan Beruman will be presenting this evening.

Technology and the Environment: Friend or Foe?

Dr James Stockdale (Associate Lecturer)
Using technology to solve environmental problems might seem self-contradictory at times, but this talk will present a new technology which has been designed, built, used and soon-to-be-sold for just this purpose.
We will focus on five key parts of our journey: the development of our idea; the scientific application of our technology; (mis)translated conversations between scientists and engineers; the challenges of taking an idea from academia to the big wide world; and, most importantly, how we found our ‘why’.

Building the Internet of Underwater Things

Dr. Nils Morozs (Research Fellow at the Department of Electronic Engineering)
Current developments in underwater technologies will bring the Internet-of-Things (IoT) to the ocean environment - to create the Internet of Underwater Things (IoUT). The IoUT will have many applications in marine sciences, environmental monitoring, and off-shore industries. All of these applications require networks of underwater nodes communicating among each other. This talk will discuss the applications of the IoUT, the technological challenges in deploying networks underwater, and potential solutions developed at York for future IoUT networks.

A Robot that Fabricates Robots: The Autonomous Robot Evolution project

For a long time, humans have designed and constructed robots for familiar environments. However, the lack of knowledge of unfamiliar environments like extraterrestrial environments could drive humans to create inefficient operating robots. In the Autonomous Robot Evolution project, we take the first steps towards creating the first robot system that will design and fabricate robots for any environment. This system will use algorithms inspired by the theory evolution to create these robots.

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