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The astronomer's guide to the galaxy

The event takes place on one level with the side of the Taproom opened for step-free access. Toilets are not accessible.
Past event - 2024
15 May Doors open 7pm
Event 7:30 - 9:45pm
Left Handed Giant Taproom, Unit 3 Wadehurst Industrial Park,
Bristol BS2 0JE
Sold Out!
Join us for an astronomer’s tour of the galaxy! We will begin by visiting one of the hottest and most exotic planets in our galaxy and learn about the latest advances in uncovering their atmospheres. Our next stop takes us peering into sunspots and how they may inform us about violent solar storms. Finally, we touchdown back in Bristol to hear about astrophotographer Lee Pullen’s mission to capture the sky from his back garden.

Looking on the bright side: mapping dayside exoplanet atmospheres with the James Webb Space Telescope

Daniel Valentine (PhD student in Astrophysics)
Exoplanets are incredibly diverse, and many look very different to our Solar System planets. One particularly unusual type are hot Jupiters, Jupiter-sized exoplanets that orbit their host stars ~10x closer than Mercury orbits the Sun, making them immensely hot and dynamical. These planets are so far away that we can't see them directly, but using the powerful James Webb Space Telescope, we can use the indirect technique of "eclipse mapping" to reconstruct maps of their atmospheres without ever seeing the planets themselves. I will show you how we do this, and present exciting new results.

Quirky molecules in sunspots – could they have a role to play in space weather prediction?

Dr Maire Gorman (Lecturer, School of Physics, Bristol University)
Sunspots are fascinating environments on the surface of the sun and are very often the origin of violent “space weather” events which are a direct threat to global electrical and communication systems upon earth. e.g. Carrington event in 1859 and the more recent 2003 Halloween solar storms. Consequently, the UK research councils are investing heavily in space weather modelling and prediction.  

Urban Astrophotography

Lee Pullen (Astrophotographer)
Astrophotographer Lee Pullen charts his attempts to produce a respectable photo of the night sky from his back garden in Bristol’s light-polluted city centre! He’ll reveal technology and techniques that can lead to surprisingly good results, while sharing a gallery of stunning stars, glittering galaxies, and notable nebulae. After experimenting for 10 years, he’s ready to tackle the ultimate challenge: a showdown against the Hubble Space Telescope!
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