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The Becoming of Life

Please note this event takes place on the first floor and has no step-free access. Over 18s only.
Past event - 2022
09 May Doors 7pm
Event 7.30pm to 9pm
The Stag, 67 Fleet Rd,
London NW3 2QU
Are you curious about how a single cell develops into a life form? Three Crick scientists will share their exciting stories in exploring the essentials of life formation and development.

Join us for a fascinating evening to understand how their work in studying different organisms and single cells can benefit our understanding of human life.

(Psst.. you’ll also get the chance to become a little scientist tonight with the activity organized by the Crick Making Lab and more!)

The Building Blocks of The Body: Backbones and Beyond

Ashley Libby (Postdoctoral Research Fellow, The Francis Crick Institute)
How do all organisms start off as one cell and grow into a complex being with various functioning parts? How do we build the various parts of our body? How do cells know what to be and where to go? And how can we use our knowledge of other species to learn lessons that apply to human physiology and disease. Join Ashley as she discusses how her research on the development of the chicken spine is working to help other researchers establish models of human spinal cord that can be used for future therapeutic treatments.

An unusual pair of chromosomes in an unusual animal model

Aurélien Courtois (Project Research Scientist, The Francis Crick Institute)
Whether we have two Xs, a X and a Y or a different combination, we all have sex chromosomes. Early in the embryo development, mechanisms are in place to make sure each cell gets the correct amount of information from our sex chromosomes. Join me to explore how opossum embryos develop, and discover what we can learn from these kangaroo and koala's cousins.

What’s inside the building blocks of life - understanding biology at the subcellular level

Jez Carlton (Group Leader, The Francis Crick Institute)
We all began life as a fertilised egg, a single cell, the divisions of which generated the entire population of different types of cells that make up our bodies. My lab wants to understand life beyond the cellular level, mapping the complex rearrangements of proteins, lipids, sugar and nucleic acids that make up each and every single of our specialised cells. Join us as we showcase our journey to uncover the subcellular events happening during the process of cell division.

Activity - What does The Making Lab make?

Making Lab (Francis Crick Institute)
The Making Lab is a Science and Technology Platform at the Crick. We are here to custom make devices to help Crick researchers carry out experiments which they otherwise could not. Given the huge range of research happening at the Crick, we have very varied projects, involving everything from tiny devices for things such as single cell immobilization, up to large electronic and engineering devices for behavioural imaging! During the break between talks, chat with members of the lab to find out more. Prizes to be won!