Other events in Birmingham

The High-Energy Art Collider

This venue is wheelchair accessible. All ages are welcome.
Past event - 2019
23 May Doors open 6:30 pm
Event 7:00-9:30 pm
Step-free access
BOM (Birmingham Open Media), 1 Dudley St,
Birmingham B5 4EG
The arts and the sciences are often thought of as very separate disciplines, but for one night only the High-Energy Art Collider is coming to Birmingham to annihilate our misconceptions! An evening full of light, sound, and explosions of colour: a beautiful selection of scientific marvels, not to be missed!

Workshop: Particle Interaction Performances

Dr Kostas Nikolopoulos (Reader in Particle Physics at the University of Birmingham)
Ian Andrews (Artist and Workshop Lead)
Join us in a performance workshop focused on the mind-bending world of the subatomic and get involved with an exciting physical exploration of the forces that hold the universe together! After a briefing on particle physics, you'll work in teams to create 'shadow screen' performances that express some aspect of the interactions of particles of the universe! For example the intense attraction between quarks or the particle annihilation in a collision event... No particles will be harmed in the making of these performances!

Workshop: Making Marks

Carolé (Artist and Workshop Lead)
Capture your reactions to images of cells, viruses, and microscopic life. The scientific disciplines produce some remarkable images of the ordinary which shows us their naturally occurring beauty, structures, and patterns. You’ll work with our volunteers and artists to make your mark by producing your own printing block and creating your reactive image. Discover the delights of electron microscope imagery and the joys of making your mark!

Turning your nose up! The Art of Mass Spectrometry!

It's 100 years since the invention of the mass spectrometer by Francis Aston in 1919, and to celebrate we have arranged live demonstrations of mass spectral analysis of various familiar objects and products at our event here in Birmingham. We believe this is the first time in the history of Pint of Science that anyone has brought a mass spectrometer to the party.

Why does something smell the way it does? Why do cleaning products often smell like oranges? What's the connection? Come and find out at this unique Pint of Science offering!

And much, much more...

There's more to do than just the workshops, help us build a brain at our neural network incubator and immerse yourself in the natural world at our microscope station! With many amazing science demonstrations and live performances, the High-Energy Art Collider is going to be an evening to remember.