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A Pint of Bloody Science!

Please note that the function room is on the first floor with no step-free access. Gender neutral toilets are available.
Past event - 2022
09 May Doors 7:00pm
Event 7:30pm to 9:30pm
The Greenbank, 57 Bellevue Road,
Bristol BS5 6DP
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Come and find out about the bloody side of biology, as we explore the history of blood transfusions, parasites that invade our red blood cells and how we use fruit flies to better understand our own immune system.

A swift joy ride through the history of blood transfusion, explaining how and why blood groups differ between individuals and how blood groups can influence infections such as COVID19

Professor Ashley Toye (Professor of cell biology )
Nowadays it's common to be a blood donor or you may have received blood products during a stay in hospital. But have you ever wondered about the history of blood transfusion, how did it start and what was attempted? This pint of science talk will give you background to the history, explain what blood groups are and why they are important and occur, and how in some instances they can protect from infectious disease.

Malaria parasite invasion: a red blood cell perspective

Dr Timothy J. Satchwell (Senior Research Associate )
Parasites that cause malaria do so by invading circulating red blood cells in the bloodstream. This happens in under a minute, where proteins exposed on the surface of the cell are targeted for initial attachment - but how does the attachment of the parasite lead to invasion? This talk explores the process of malaria invasion from the red blood cell perspective. Join us to hear what happens when a malaria parasite encounters a red blood cell and how growing red blood cells from stem cells in the lab may help us understand the role host cell proteins play in enabling and resisting invasion.

Fly on the wall: the extraordinary life of an immune cell

Dr Helen Weavers (Research fellow- Group Leader in Biomedical Sciences)
Our immune system plays vital roles in defending against infection, encouraging our bodies to heal after injury and even fighting off cancer. But how do the cells that make up our immune system (that circulate in our bodies at rest) quickly get to the right place and at the right time when required? And what happens when their job is done? Perhaps surprisingly, we are using fruit flies (the ones in your fruit bowl) to explore the remarkable lives of immune cells! Our ultimate goal is to help identify treatments to combat a range of immune disorders, like chronic inflammation and immune aging.

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