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The new age of Politics and Social Science

Please note this venue is not wheelchair accessible. Gender neutral toilets are not available.
Past event - 2018
16 May Doors 7.00pm
Event 7.30pm to 10pm
The White Bear 133 St Michael's Hill,
Bristol BS2 8BS
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Human impact on the planet has reached such an extent that a new age of humanity is being discussed. But what does “Anthropocene” mean for political theory and international relations? And what can we learn from development initiatives in Somalia about local and global development? Come along for an interesting discussion about the political side of science.

Connecting local and global development: what can we learn from Somalia?

Eric Herring (Professor of World Politics)
How can science contribute positively to local and global development, and what are the pitfalls that need to be avoided? What can we learn from the collaboration of the University of Bristol and Somali social enterprise Transparency Solutions? These are the key questions that will be addressed by Eric Herring of the University of Bristol. He will argue that development occurs through complex and unpredictable long-term processes; that successes cannot be simply transferred or scaled up but must be regrown and adapted; that science must be linked to politics and accountability.

The Anthropocene: Politics in a New Geological Age

Ashley Dodsworth (Senior Teaching Associate)
Human impact on the planet has reached such an extent that many believe it represents a new geological age, the Anthropocene or the age of humanity. My research explores what the Anthropocene means for political theory and international relations, focusing particularly on the problems of how to think about what is natural and who is responsible for the changes that have resulted in this new era.