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The rumbling earth: volcanoes, earthquakes and natural disasters

This venue has step-free access. Yes - chair lift at bottom of steps. Parking is available. Under 18s must be accompanied by an adult.
Past event - 2022
09 May Doors 7pm
Event 7.30-10:00pm
Didsbury Sports Ground, Ford Lane,
Manchester M20 2RU
We may complain about Manchester's bad weather, but luckily the risk of an earthquake, tornado or forest fire is pretty low here! That doesn't stop Manchester-based researchers from investigating how we can predict these kinds of natural disasters and reduce the impacts of them when they occur. Come and put yourself in the shoes of those whose lives are constantly under threat by our rumbling Earth.

Mass extinctions and volcanic eruptions under the x-rays

Dr Margherita Polacci (Senior Lecturer in Volcanology, The University of Manchester)
Volcanic eruptions are one of the most powerful natural manifestations on Earth. They can impact climate and lead to natural catastrophes such as mass extinctions. In this talk you will see what scientists do to understand how volcanoes work, to forecast their hazardous behaviour and mitigate the risk.

Playful Methods to Prepare for Disasters

Dr Chika Watanabe (Senior Lecturer in Social Anthropology, The University of Manchester)
Earthquakes, floods, and forest fires are obviously no laughing matter. But filling people with dread does not usually help in motivating them to be prepared for disasters. My long-term and collaborative method of anthropological research explores how disaster preparedness actors from Japan to Chile have been using playful methods to teach children and their families skills to survive ‘natural’ disasters. Come learn what people around the world are doing to turn everyday resources into assets for resilience through fun activities.

From earthquake mythology to seismology: a tale of five earthquakes

Dr Domenico Lombardi (Lecturer in Geotechnical Engineering, The University of Manchester)
Natural catastrophes have always posed major threats to societies and their socio-economic orders. This talk will explore the journey from earthquake mythology to seismology through the stories of five earthquakes, and see how recent advances in disaster risk management can help communities to anticipate and mitigate the impacts of future earthquakes.

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