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The Weird World of Plants

This venue has step free access and accessible toilets.
Past event - 2024
14 May Doors open at 7.00 pm
event runs from 7.30-9.30 pm.
Hornton Grange (Edgbaston Park Hotel), 53 Edgbaston Park Road,
Birmingham B15 2RS
Join us for our second plant-themed night of talks as we hear from two researchers at the University of Birmingham talking about the bad habits of trees and nitrogen cycling under elevated carbon dioxide. You'd better be-leaf it's going to be a great night of science!

Cracking the nitrogen code to predict carbon storage in forests in a CO2-enriched atmosphere

Manon Rumeau (PhD Environmental Sciences)
As atmospheric CO2 levels rise, it's theorized that trees may enhance their photosynthetic capacity, and increased CO2 uptake from the atmosphere, a phenomenon known as the "CO2 fertilization effect." However, the growth of trees is frequently limited by the availability of nitrogen (N) in soils which could potentially offset this CO2 fertilization effect. Hence, understanding the complex microbial dynamics and tree-microbe interactions that regulate N availability in soils became a crucial aspect for future carbon predictions. I measured N processes in forest soils under the simulated atmosphere of 2050 (+ 150 ppm of CO2) at the BIFoR FACE facility (UK) to predict any future N limitation.

Can we help trees overcome their bad habits?

Dr Andrew Plackett (Research Fellow)
Like us, plants must replace themselves with a new generation. Trees take a ‘grow-slow’ approach to this, but that now leaves them uniquely vulnerable to climate change. Flowering and seed production is already being affected, but we don’t know enough about trees to tell what they will do as the climate changes more. Worse, trees are just too big for standard science in a lab. I am part of an experiment to mimic the atmospheric 50 years into the future to see how this will affect forests. I will share what we have learned so far, and why I think there is still hope for future forests.
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