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Tick Tock Body Clock

Unfortunately, the lift to this venue is broken; therefore, it does not have step-free access.

Past event - 2024
13 May Doors open 7pm
Event 7.30pm to 9.30pm
BAB NQ, 14 Little Lever St,
Manchester M1 1HR
Sold Out!
What makes you tick? The brain's incredible master clock controls our mood, the development of our brain, and our health. Join us to find out how our internal clocks work, and the power of the right time of day. 

Circadian Rhythms in the Sleep Clinic

Dr. Rachel Thomasson (Consultant Neuropsychiatrist)
How do wandersome body clocks present to the sleep clinic and what can we do? This talk is a rough guide to the citadel of sleep medicine and how doctors tackle circadian rhythm disruption.

Body Clocks and Neurodevelopment

Miss. Sarah Doran (PhD Student)
Our body clocks use outside information such as light and temperature to determine the vast majority of our internal processes, such as sleep and eating schedules. However, there is very little research into how changes in our body clock can impact the development of the brain. My research uses the fruit fly as a model to investigate how body clocks, also known as circadian rhythms, can time important windows of brain development.

Lighting the Way to Well-being: How Illumination Shapes Our Mood

Miss. Chloe Roddis (PhD Student)
Light is a crucial regulator of our body clocks, yet ongoing research delves deeper into its impact on mood. While light therapy effectively treats conditions like Seasonal Affective Disorder, the reason for the relationship between light and mood remains unknown. My research aims to uncover these underlying processes, shedding light on how our bodies react to illumination and identifying specific factors of light that could enhance mood.
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