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Toddlers to Translation: Talk the Talk

Past event - 2022
09 May 7pm - 8:30pm
doors open at 6.45pm
Hyde Park Book Club, 27-29 Headingley Lane,
Leeds LS6 1BL
As humans, the ability to communicate both with others and ourselves is an essential part of life. In this event, we will explore two very different types of communication. Firstly, from the ability of a new-born to communicate its need for food to it showing preferences for its first solids. Secondly, zooming in to discover the differences in interhemispheric communication of one mind and expanding this to see how this communication differs between bi and monolingual people. Come along and dive head first into all things brain, language and communication!

Two languages, two hemispheres - about bilingualism and the brain

Johanna Tomczak (PhD Student)
Currently a PhD student in the School of Psychology, I study the communication between the brain hemispheres in bilingual and monolingual people. This talk is going to focus on the impact of bilingualism on our cognition and what it actually means to be bilingual. We will review how brain hemispheres work together and independently and I will provide some insides of my own research studies about how we can measure interhemispheric communication the easiest way.

From Univore to Omnivore – the infant’s dilemma

The sole source of nutrition for human babies is milk and while there is guidance on when to introduce solid foods, which foods are offered vary by country depending on local customs, availability, accessibility and affordability. This talk will explore the different practices used across countries in assisting infants to move from Univore to Omnivore and consider if vegetables are the best first food.

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