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Brain and Fertility

Please note this venue does not have step-free access.
Past event - 2022
09 May Doors 7pm
Event 7.30pm to 9.10pm
The Golf Tavern, 30 - 31 Wright's Houses,
Edinburgh EH10 4HR
Come and hear two intriguing talks about fertility issues in young cancer patients and how tiny fish are assisting at the cutting edge of medical science and may eventually help promote brain repair in humans. 

How fish and robots can help us promote brain repair

Prof. David Lyons (Professor of Neurobiology and Deputy Director (BioQuarter) Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences)
The human brain contains billions of cells with trillions of connections, which support our every sense, movement, thought and emotion. Unfortunately, injury and disease can greatly damage the brain. To find methods to promote brain repair we need experimental systems similar enough to humans for our results to be relevant, which allow us to carry out investigations that are impossible in people. Come along to hear how studying the brain of a tiny transparent fish and getting help from robots may lead to advances in medicines of the future.

Preserving fertility in boys with cancer

I'm passionate about fertility education and enjoy talking to the public about the facts and taboos about reproductive health. Tonight I will talk about strategies of preserving fertility in young boys who have been diagnosed with cancer.

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